What is Robin?

Robin is your city guide, and we find right information so you can navigate smoothly in a new city. We use local service providers that aggregate information and services such as transportation, attractions, connectivity, essentials, restaurants, bars etc.


What does Robin offer?

  • Travel services such as Transport, See & Do, Eat & Drink.
  • On-demand of essentials such as SIM-card, chargers, shavings or gifts


How does it work?

You can either navigate through the menu or you can ask Robin questions directly. We use local services providers to fulfil your demand. The service is available on the web (robin.ai) or in Facebook Messenger.


Is it free to use Robin?

Yes, it is free to use Robin. We provide for instance cheaper tickets to attractions and Sim-card. If you buy essentials we charge 15% in commission.


How do I Pay?

We have an easy integrated payment solution with Stripe. Read more here https://stripe.com/en-SG/legal


Which cities is Robin available?

Robin is available in Singapore, Bangkok, Bali, Taipei, Paris and London. We aim to be available in 100 cities within 2019.