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Check out the local content and get more accurate local information to better plan your trip. 



Browse easily in Facebook Messenger.

Our chatbot & operators help you find the item or service you are looking for.

After a few click you have the ticket, reservation or item in hand. Easy peasy!


Unlike TripAdvisor who provides widely diverse opinions or ride hailing & on-demand services etc. that remains local, unknown and fragmented, Robin allow travellers to get more accurate local information and services.

Robin is an all-in-all travel solution in Facebook Messenger and our own app where we solve travellers needs in a user-friendly way. We are proud to soft-launched in Singapore, Paris, London, Bangkok and Taipei. We aim to available in more than 100 cities within end of the year.



What Is Robin

Robin helps everyone travel frictionlessly, by providing them quick and easy access to relevant local apps, overcoming language barriers. Robin would allow travellers to get more accurate local information and services, through one hassle-free and seamless solution, saving you time and money in your travels. 

We help you get what you need, when you need it, during your travels; It’s like asking a local.

What does robin offer?



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